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In December of 2011, I was given a gift that no one could have known the consequences of – a homebrewing kit. A couple weeks later I brewed my first batch, and Das Ale Haus was born.

Das Ale Haus is an attobrewery and beer review site based out of Southern New Jersey. After brewing that initial kit, a whole new appreciation for beer was sparked. Getting to know the process of how beer is made really got me thinking about how much work goes into each craft beer I had, and suddenly I wanted to try every beer I could get my hands on. This site gives me an outlet to talk about beer, and to share my homebrewing experiences, experiences that have gotten me thinking creatively and trying new beers as I experiment with my own brews. 

So, why an attobrewery? Simple really. A microbrewery is defined as a brewery that produces less than 475,000 gallons per year. At this point in time, Das Ale Haus produces no more than 48 gallons annually, which conveniently is four decimal places under the definition of a microbrewery. Atto- is four steps below micro in the SI prefix nomenclature, so attobrewery seemed like the appropriate term.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, you can do so via email here, or on the contact page.


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