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Brew Review – Samuel Adams Irish Red

sam adams irish red

Reposted from the now defunct Boards & Brews

Brewery: Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)
Brew: Irish Red
Style: Irish Red Ale
ABV: 5.8%
Price: $8.99
Their Take: This rich and malty ale originated in Ireland in 1710. It has a deep red color and distinctive caramel flavor from its pale and caramel malts. The malt sweetness is balanced by the earthy notes of the East Kent Goldings hops.

My Thoughts
Going into this beer, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect out of it. Irish reds have a very distinct, almost sweet taste to them. The Sam Adams Irish Red was no different, but, as expected with Sam Adams, it was just a notch above the competition (or at least the Reds I’ve had). It has a very malty flavor to it, which gives the beer a very rich taste upon first sip, just weaker than what some darker seasonal beers deliver. It then finishes with a bit of a sweet taste to complement the rich start. If you’re considering a Killians at the bar or in the store, and happen to see this beer sitting next to it, definitely go with the Sam Adams Irish Red. However, if you’re in Boston and see Brick Red on tap, immediately order a pint of that.

Rating: 7/10
A note about ratings: When forming ratings, I’m attempting to ignore my beer preferences when judging. For example, I may like the Sawtooth Ale reviewed earlier better, however I am ranking them the same based on the style of beer. Obviously, the two beers taste completely differently.

Feel free to leave comments and questions below. Let me know what you liked, what you didn’t, and what you would like to see in the future. Any input is always appreciated.


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