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Friday 5@5: February 21, 2014

Missed last week, whoops! I’ve been wrestling with my thoughts on this blog, and seem to write more deleted drafts than posts. Kinda funny how that works. Anyway, have a good weekend, cheers!

1. So this past week Stone’s not-so-secret Stochasticity Project hit the shelves in NJ. Now, Stone’s name is no where to be seen on the bottle. However, between the Koch & Wagner implied brewery, the Escondido mention, the over done hops, the signature wall of text on the bottle, and the gargoyle in the grid, Stone didn’t do a good job of hiding that they’re behind the brew. So, why even bother faking it? I think this has to do with Greg Koch’s sabbatical. He removes himself from Stone, gets a little public reprieve, yet still puts out new beers under the Stochasticity Project. We get new beer, he gets a break, a win-win for all involved.

2. A brewery staring up in my old hometown of Medford (okay, I’m technically from Medford Lakes) needs your help. Go vote for Lower Forge for FedEx’s Small Business Grant and help South Jersey add another great brewery to our lineup!

3. This article from the awesome BeerGraphs hits really close to home for numerous reasons. We walk a very thin line as beer aficionados, and it’s not hard for our hobby to get out of hand.

4. I’m going to go all BuzzFeedy here and give you one reason why Team Canada is doing the Olympics right. Judging from their performance in the hockey rink, they could afford to drink a bit more.

5. This is completely unrelated and possibly way too revealing, but if you still do or ever did enjoy the Pokemon games, go watch Twitch Plays Pokemon for a bit. It has turned out to be a fantastic social experiment. A group of thousands is collectively playing Pokemon Red, and the chaos is incredible. I’m amazed they made it out of Viridian Forest, nonetheless got through the Rocket hideout and Pokemon Tower. Personally, I think the Safari Zone and the hunt for Surf will be their demise. RIP Abby and Jay Leno.

Beerstagram of the Week(s) – I would never get sick of this view, with or without the Heady Topper.

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2 comments on “Friday 5@5: February 21, 2014

  1. Lee Ensminger
    February 21, 2014

    Great reading this week!

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