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Flight of Fancy #2

flight of fancy paddle 2

Flight of Fancy, in which I take a quick look at 4 beers I’ve recently enjoyed.

deschutes mirror pond pale aleMirror Pond Pale AleDeschutes – 5% ABV – 40 IBU
I’m jealous of people who live in a Deschutes area. This would easily be a fridge stocking beer. Very easy drinking, low enough ABV to not ruin you after a few, and crisp and clean. Sure, I can head into Philly to pick this up any time as a single, but to have my local place stocking six packs of it? That’d be awesome.

lagunitas little sumpin sumpinLittle Sumpin’ Sumpin’Lagunitas – 7.5% ABV – 64.2 IBU
The go-to when my fiancée and I are going to split a six pack. A hoppy wheat beer that features a smooth start with a bitter than expected finish, yet not bitter enough to overwhelm the flavors from the start. Really well balanced.

ballast point sculpinSculpinBallast Point – 7% ABV – 70 IBU
I mean, what else is there to say about this beer that hasn’t already been said somewhere already? It’s just phenomenal. I was going to do a full review of this beer, but realized how overdone that already is so this will suffice. A great mix of grapefruit and mango hops, the bitterness balanced out by the playfully sweet malt. It’s just spot on in every aspect.

weyerbacher viridis lupulusViridis LupulusWeyerbacher – 7.5% ABV – 95 IBU
This one was an enamel stripper, a palate wrecker. But, that’s what it was intended for. A fresh, bottle conditioned, hop bomb of a beer. And on that front, they succeeded. I would never call this balanced, but still, mission accomplished. I’ll look for it again when it’s released next year.

Obviously, I’ve been on a bit of an IPA kick, getting my hops in before the weather turns to stout and porter season. Have you had any good beers lately?

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