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Friday 5@5: March 21, 2014

I’m just gonna throw this out there – drinking holidays should never be on a Monday. Here’s some reading from the week, cheers!

1. Another San Diego brewery is expanding, and this time it’s AleSmith! They’re already in PA, so NJ is a the next logical step for them. Right? Right.

2. Speaking of expansion, Tired Hands is growing up. I really need to make it out there soon. Good thing I’ve got some half day Fridays coming up this summer…

3. Left Hand Brewing is attempting to trademark the word “nitro.” I could see trademarking “Milk Stout Nitro,” but personally I think just the word “nitro” is going a little too far. Left Hand also responded to some concerns brought up by the craft beer crowd. Both sides suck.

4. Hop Breeding Company, the creators of Citra(R CIRCLE DON’T SUE) and Mosaic(ANOTHER R CIRCLE) are announcing a new hop soon, so expect to see that in every IPA for the next couple years.

5. Shamless Self Promotion Deptartment – I’ve decided to stop rating beer, and wrote about why. It’s a tough thing to articulate, but along with the reasons in that post I just feel that ratings were holding me back. I was relying on them too much, and thinking about the beer in my hand too hard. Beer just isn’t fun like that.

Beerstgram of the Week
I went to Baltimore, and I drank too much.

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