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Friday 5@5: March 28, 2014

Next week is the latest edition of The Sessions, this time focusing on beer media. Hopefully I can collect my thoughts in a coherent matter, because this seems like a dandy. Until then, enjoy the weekend – cheers!

1. Look, I like Milton Glaser. His Dylan poster is a design icon, and he was one of the most fun to learn about in college when I was pretending I was good enough to be a graphic designer in the ad industry. Te New York Times decided to get him to talk about beer labels, and I still can’t figure out if I like his critiques or not.

2. In another New York Times story they profiled the twin brothers behind two of the more expensive breweries, Mikkeller and Evil Twin. I enjoyed this, even though it portrayed them as gods, and it even features NJ’s own Carton Brewing in Jeppe’s photo.

3. Not necessarily beer, but hops count to me. Valenzano’s Bine & Vine, a wine dry hopped with Citra thanks to the mad genius of Mike Jones, was featured on Philly.com. Safe to say this is the first wine I’ve ever sought out.

4. There’s a petition out to have the USPS lift their restriction on shipping alcohol. If this works we won’t have to send 12 oz. yeast samples cross country anymore.

5. And let’s end with another lawsuit, this one featuring Left Hand and DuClaw.

Beerstgram of the Week
Big week for IPAs!

It's a good week for IPA releases! Maharaja and #EnjoyBy hitting #NJ.

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