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The State of Das Ale Haus


1) We’ve moved! This has been the main reason for the silence, as packing and signing the seemingly thousands of papers involved has taken up the majority of my time.

2) Things are starting to settle down as the unpacking finishes up, so optimistically sometime next week I’ll be back to writing. I have missed it, and am looking forward to it.

3) Perhaps most importantly, thanks to the space available at the new house I’ll be able to get off of stove brewing and onto 5 gallon brews on a propane burner! I’m really excited to get my first batch going in the coming weeks.

If you’re still dropping by the blog, I’d like to thank you for sticking it out through the silence. Cheers!


4 comments on “The State of Das Ale Haus

  1. Bierbattered
    November 12, 2013


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John 8:02 - and a ray of light broke through the grey winter sky and a voice boomed "give me your malts, your hops, your remarkably specific water profiles. For I, Conan, shall ferment them into a wondorous adult beverage." Thus shall it be. Really glad @tonewoodbrewing still had Powder Daze available today. That can design is awesome. Game day beer on tap. Let's go Pats! DDH Fuego, totally worth the wait. @tonewoodbrewing is making quite a name for themselves.

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