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Open Beer In Style With The Bottle Wrench

5-8 Blue (Hand)

Have you ever felt there was too little testosterone around when you were opening a beer? A distinct lack of Y chromosome involved in removing a crown cap from your bottle? Are these ridiculous questions?

If you’ve struggled with either of the first two questions above, you’re in luck. Dubbed as the manliest bottle opener evar the Bottle Wrench is, well, a bottle opener made from a wrench. An actual, no-longer-secures-nuts-and-bolts wrench. A unique bottle opener to be sure, but manly? I was skeptical, so I decided to put the Brawny of bottle openers to some household tasks that I, a man, took on over the weekend. Let’s go to Mo for the results – MO!

Mowing the Lawn Mowing the Lawn
Pros: Opened my beer. Was shiny in the sun.
Cons: Did not mow the lawn. Probably would have broken the blade had it gotten in the way.
Result: Useless. Though, note that it successfully opened my beer. This is important, as we’re talking about a bottle opener.

Raking leavesRaking Leaves and Twigs
Pros: Opened my beer. Hit pebbles when swung like a bat.
Cons: Raked approximately zero leaves. Hid amongst the sticks (and rake) as a game.
Result: Useless, but again, note the opening of a beer. Critical here.

Maximus Jones-DrewCuddling with the Max
Pros: Opened my beer. Max didn’t run when I laid the Bottle Wrench there and started taking pictures.
Cons: None. Look at him!
Result: Adorable. And it opened my beer.


The results were indisputable – the Bottle Wrench is about as much help in the yard as the moles currently tearing up my lawn. However, as a bottle opener, I must say I’m a fan. Even though it may have failed the assigned tasks, it did open every bottle presented to it – with  minimal cap damage. It had better leverage than a keychain opener, and is definitely a conversation starter. A nice little addition to any collection, and that’s where I’d like to help you out.

Jake from The Bottle Wrench (who, in full disclosure, sent me a sample for this review) would like to give an opener away to you, my occasional reader. To enter just follow the image link below to my brand new contest page and have at it.

Bottle Wrench Contest

I swear it’s legit, WordPress just doesn’t play nice with these contests.

If you’d like more information on The Bottle Wrench you can check out their website, www.TheBottleWrench.com, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s what Jake had to say about the Bottle Wrench:

The Bottle Wrench Story
Like most great ideas, the Bottle Wrench came out of a problem. Being tired of having to use the wife’s wine bottle opener to crack a cold one the decision was made to come up with something tougher, stronger, and manlier. A few hours (and drinks) later the original Bottle Wrench was born. Soon after, people started asking about the new opener and wanted to know where they could buy their own. We opened our online shop in 2011 and have been growing ever since.

What is the Bottle Wrench?
The Bottle Wrench is the manliest bottle opener you’ll ever own. Each Bottle Wrench is hand formed in Savannah, GA from a real, 100% metal wrench. Our motto is that it’s a wrench first and a bottle opener second. Each one comes with a U.S. military grade 550-paracord strap for hanging the Wrench on display with many colors to choose from. Attached to the 550-paracord is a tag telling the Bottle Wrench story. Each Wrench is between 5.5″-6.5″ long in the “Original” size and 4.5″-5″ in the “Key Chain Size”.

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2 comments on “Open Beer In Style With The Bottle Wrench

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  2. Mike
    January 28, 2016

    This beer tasted and finally decided to enjoy this flavor regularly.

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