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The Hunt is on for Dexter and Das Ale Haus

Earlier last week my fiancée (the Das in Das Ale Haus) heard about a beer from DuClaw, a chocolate peanut butter porter called Sweet Baby Jesus. She texted me immediately and told me I had to find it for her. Later on in the week, Dexter mercifully came to a close.

These two things seemingly have nothing to do with each other, but as I went on a multi-state hunt for Sweet Baby Jesus it got me thinking about the process that both Dexter and I went through. The discovery of a target, the research, the hunt, the same process is there for both. I even did a scientific evaluation of both…

Dexter Beer Hunt

…and after further consideration, I have to say I like the way my hunt ended much more than the way Dexter ended. I mean really, what was that nonsense? Ending up with a delicious beer is a much better way to finish a Sunday night.

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3 comments on “The Hunt is on for Dexter and Das Ale Haus

  1. Lee Ensminger (@lje727)
    September 26, 2013

    Well put!!!

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